Is the French bulldog easy to keep? Precautions for breeding

The French bulldog is one of the most popular dog breeds at this stage. People who have bred French bulldogs are familiar with it. French bulldogs are very gentle and lovable, but many people are not suitable for raising French bulldogs. When raising a French bulldog, there are five precautions to keep in mind.

No external supplement

Some pet owners will add baby food supplements to the dog food, such as mixing some egg yolks, canned fruits, pork, etc., hoping to make the French bulldog very happy. However, doing so will allow the Frenchie to grow bad habit, and he will snatch foods from your plate.

Don’t feed him like a British bull dog

It is an incorrect idea to raise French bulldogs as British bulldogs. If French bulldogs often eat too much, it will cause stomach discomfort and serious enteritis. Therefore, French bulldogs must be raised. It needs to be rationed, 3-4 meals for young dogs and 1-2 meals for adults.

Limited multi-nutrients

Although it is good to fill the Frenchie dog with vitamins, they must be based on the doctor’s advice. The usual feed has long been nutritious. Under normal circumstances, pet dogs do not need to supplement nutrients. The best way to raise French bulldogs is to select dog food with rich nutrients and easy to digest.

Carefully select the food

French bulldog loves to eat a lot. Regardless of its short hair, it also likes to shed hair very much, so owners should not let it eat some salty food when feeding it. Otherwise the hair loss will be more serious. Therefore, when owners choose dog food, it is best to choose the lighter natural dog food. This can also effectively reduce the tear marks and hair loss of the French dog.

Limitation to fruits

Pet owners can definitely give French bulldogs some fruits during the process of raising pets, but not all fruits are suitable for bulldogs. Some fruits are fatal to French bulldogs. Strawberries are definitely not edible. There are also guava, jackfruit, and avocado that cannot be eaten by French bulldogs, especially guava with grains, which may cause French bulldog diarrhea after eating.


The French dog’s IQ is indeed very low, and it is sometimes quite stupid, so owners must be patient when training it. For the French dog, owners may need to pay more patience, but owners can take advantage of its love of eating and use snacks as bait.

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