7 Car Buying Trends In 2021 And Beyond

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The year 2020 was pivotal in the history of humankind. With a pandemic taking over the world, we’ve been ushered into a new normal, changing the way numerous industries and sectors work. On the automotive front, several trends have emerged — trends that can last even beyond a COVID-riddled world. If you’re planning to buy a car in your trusted dealership in Lawton OK, here are the trends you need to know.

Virtual shopping. Apart from being the safer alternative, buying your car online also provides more convenience. This digital shift is not new, but it was all the more emphasized during this time of the pandemic. And with the perks it gives, it is most likely to continue this year and beyond. With virtual shopping, you can select the car you want, request an online tour, and even process the payment online. Virtual trade-ins are also part of this trend.

Vehicle home delivery. In relation to the said digital car-shopping experience, many dealership in Lawton OK now also offer delivery services for the vehicle you’ve purchased online. However, if you still want to physically go to the dealer, you can also opt for a pick-up option. Part of the safety protocols when going to a car center that would also most likely be continually adapted in the future is solo test-driving.

Easier access to car prices. Because of this digital shift, consumers can also get easier access to car prices as more information is being made available through web-based platforms. Alongside this trend is the emergence of more partnerships between search engine sites like Google with reputable automobile data-driven websites like Edmunds and TrueCar.

Discounted prices. Speaking of prices, you can also expect initial new car prices to be offered at discounted rates. This can be attributed mainly to the heightened competition among manufacturers. Nonetheless, bear in mind that while there’s a drop in prices of new models, negotiated prices will most likely level out.

Less personalization. For 2021 and for the years to come, manufacturers are expected to produce a limited number of vehicle variations. One of the main reasons for this is the need to cut down their expenses. The immediate consequence is consumers having fewer opportunities for personalization — they’d have to make do with the pre-configured options for their models.

Electric vehicles are on the rise. Another trend that could affect the way dealership in Lawton OK do their business is the continued rise of the demand for electric (and automated) vehicles. According to one study, EV sales are estimated to increase to 28% by 2030. You can expect more EVs to be available in dealers and other auto centers — and more charging stations to be put up in strategic locations across the country.

More cross-industry partnerships. Having a safe and comfortable means of transportation has never been more punctuated than during this era. And with this demand coming from the public, more automotive industry players will be partnering up with other sectors (e.g. Hotels, airlines) to provide such services to consumers.

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