Why 2020 a game-changer to OTT platforms

AHA Scores Over Other OTT Platforms in That Aspect

The year 2020 was coronavirus, covid-19, lockdown, social distancing, masks, sanitizing, and more. Things changed overnight. But some interesting and helpful stories began from here. We got our OTT platforms to be happy at home. And it became convenient to watch movies online streaming over the web of movies, shows, and web series. People are staying inside their homes due to the pandemic. They were unable to move out of their homes due to high risk. Office work shifted to laptops indoors, and people are shopping online from apps that offer delivery services. So, what are people doing in the available time? Thanks to OTT channels like Aha- they are watching movies, TV shows, and web series.  

The OTT attraction 

Indians have always been known to have a penchant for films right the days when it was a silent offering. In 1916, the first south Indian feature film, Keechakavatham (destruction of Keechakan), was made in Madras. So, south India is no stranger to films. Today, Tollywood occupies third place in film making. From silent to sound, from stages to theatres, multiplexes to OTT, Tollywood is everywhere. 

Today, in the current pandemic scenario, nothing else can work better than the OTT channels. After all, you need is entertainment while staying safe. 

And OTT platform today occupies a convenient position due to its flexibility. You can watch any movie, new or old, whenever you like. For ardent lovers of Telegu cinema, Aha provides a medium to watch all their favorite films, movies, shows, web series, etc. 

OTT platforms are easily accessible to the audience. The increasing availability of Internet services has made this facility more accessible than anything. This has helped in detecting the consumption of digital content in India. 

OTT appears to be the new normal for the entertainment world with extended lockdowns and the economy’s current state. The content line of releasing films on single screens and multiplexes has taken a backseat due to norms and high risks. However, audiences can watch movies or content via OTT platforms across the country. 

Aha OTT channel offers its viewers all kinds of films, web series, and shows to watch any time from their home’s convenience. It includes the choices of south Indian films that one may have missed out on watching or want to watch repeatedly. 

Over to you 

Watching the latest Telugu movies online has become easy due to OTT platforms like Aha. Through Aha, you have a plethora of shows and movies. And everyone is aware that Telugu movies are known for their high drama and grassroots content that appeals to an audience, whichever part of the planet they reside. The excellent production value attached to every series and movie makes Aha the must-have OTT platform for avid fans who love to watch high octane drama unfold on the small screen. Get your subscription to Aha now and see the magic of Telugu movies unfold before you, in the comfort zone of your home.  

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