สล็อต Slots: Myths Busted

As the popularity of Slots skyrocketed in the pandemic, many people turn to slots either to earn a few extra cash or just a fun pastime. A survey revealed that pandemic added a new 25% of people to the casino pool.

When you are new, it is easy to succumb to the false hopes people give you to enter the circle. Innumerable superstitions have floated around for decades. Many gamblers play with open-mindedness, but there is a long list of gamblers dependent on rituals and notions to bring them good luck. Some have been crafty enough to find rational reasoning behind them.

We will be discussing the credibility of some of the most common myths out there.

Slot timing

There will be a certain someone advising you about the best slot timings in the casino. They try to rationalize their logic by saying the crowd is scarce during those times or its machine thing.

They are either bluffing or are victims of this myth themselves. No slot time is better than others. Slot สล็อต machines run on machine logic. In simple words, it’s a game of probability. If everyone’s won on that machine, then your probability of losing is higher, in the end, is wrong. Although it has to maintain its RTG there is no definite order. Every machine has a different distribution of odds. Even an operator or maker wouldn’t know whether your next wager will be successful or not.

Limited chances to win:

It holds true if you are talking about a specific Slot machine or game. Every machine hasdifferent variance value. Variance is the difference between the lowest and highest amount that can be won or lost.

If you want to increase your chances to win or increase your winning amount, you simply have to look at the machines with better RTG and variance.

This is all about how much you research before you start playing. Uniformed decisions can lead to losses. Usually, games with high variances are accompanied by a high degree of risk. If you want to play an easy, fun game, go with a low variance game. They are also cheaper than high variance games.


There is no denying สล็อต machines can be rigged. But is every machine rigged? No, in reality, most of the machines are not. If a casino or game wants to increase its earnings, it can buy machines with low RTG and high variance. It increases profits for casinos, they need not involve in illegal activities for something that possible legally. Anyway, slot machines are never the prime source of income for casinos, rigging poses an unwanted risk.


You won’t hit a Jackpot at least this month, this is a common statement. We are coerced into think there is a regular frequency of jackpots and bonuses offered by the machine. Remember every spin is independent of all the previous spins. The machine does not remember the allocation of the previous Jackpot. You have the chance of winning the Jackpot as the person who won before you.

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