An overview of the popular bonuses offered by online casinos

When people used to go only to the land-based casinos, the need for the promotion of such casino houses was less. As people would come to it even without much promotion, there were only some occasional bonuses in the trend. However, as the internet arrived and has taken the gambling industry online, there are thousands of similar online casinos like Situs IDN Live that one could get to choose from. So, they would have to do something to stand out from the competition. The best way of attracting customers is to provide lucrative bonuses to them and these casinos started to provide a range of such bonuses. In this article, let us look at some of these popular bonuses offered by online casinos in brief. 

Bonuses provided by online casino websites

Welcome bonus

It will welcome every new player with a smiling face. It is nothing but the reward given to the players for their decision to join that particular casino while there is plenty of options. As their decision has helped the casino to get a new customer, the casino would let the player start his casino career with an increased initial deposit than the money he has in his pocket. For instance, let us assume that you join the casino with $200 and there is a welcome bonus offer for a hundred percent of the deposit. So, you will have your $200 and you will also get an additional $200 from the casino. So, you can play with $400. However, there will be some regulations and terms to withdraw this money. You can find this bonus in almost all online casinos. 

Cashback bonus

Unlike the joining bonus, you could not find this bonus in all casinos. But some websites do. This is a return activity from the casino’s end. If you are playing continuously and losing everything without getting tired, the casino would motivate you by giving a small portion of the lost money as cashback. It could be ten to twenty percent of the total lost money. Whatever you get, it is a bonus amount and you can try your luck with this money too.

No-deposit bonus

Some casinos out there offer no deposit bonuses for the newcomers when there is in desperate need of new customers. If there is such a bonus, the newcomers need not even deposit anything. Instead, they could directly start playing the games. However, there would be some restrictions for the players coming under this category from the amenities available for all other players on the casino. Also, it would be available for a short time only.

Free spins

These are generous offers of online casinos that would let the players try one or two free spins on the slots. Whatever the spin brings, the players could take them as rewards. 

Referral bonus

As the name suggests, you can earn a bonus amount by referring somebody to the website where you are already being a member and make his deposit.

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