A beginner’s guide to level up the SERP ranking of your website

SERP (Search engine result page) analysis is a kind of process used to check the rank of your website. It is the primary use of the procedure. Still, besides this objective, it can also be used for numerous other works like knowing about the top ranking websites for the particular keyword based on which you had written content for your website. It can also help you find the most suitable keyword for the content you are going to publish on your website.

You can also get to know whether the keyword you had used is relevant to your content or not. You might be familiar with the fact that keyword plays a vital role in raking your website. In most cases, keyword research tool is used for performing this procedure.

There are plenty of features that are offered by these free tools, and these features are the most prominent reason for which people prefer to use the SERP ranking service. There are tons of factors and step which you should keep in mind for completing SERP ranking procedure. Let’s take a look at some significant factors without wasting them any further.

Attractive titles with proper keyword

Think like an audience; you will judge the website on the basis of the title which has been given by them. So, the title of your content plays a vital role in increasing the reach or engagement of your website. It is suggested that you should always give an attractive title to your content. You should also put the relevant keywords according to the searching results. According to the Google algorithm, only those content or websites will be displayed at the top, which is totally informative. So, you should make your article fully informative, which can be accessible in the entire universe. The only thing which you should consider is attractive titles.

Understanding the algorithm of Google

It is another prominent tip that can help you in best free keyword planner tool. According to a report, Google changes its algorithm 9 to 10 times on an average in a day. It is suggested that you should stay aware of these updates about the algorithm of Google. The high number of changes in the algorithm leads to make a massive variation in the ranking of the website. If you remain known with every latest change in algorithm, then it will be easy for you to create strategies according to the sudden change.

Know your current search ranking

It is essential to know your current position in the ranking of a particular search result. The primary reason for which you should know about your current position is that it will help you in telling whether the rank of your website is improving or not. There are tons of tools available on the internet which can help you in improving your ranking. Out of which, some are paid, and others are absolutely free. You can choose any of them on the basis of your available resources. In the initial point, you should only use complimentary tools.

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