Speed Test: Here Is How You Can Check Your Internet Speed

Oh, the suffering of slow internet. Broadband was supposed to be a utility but even after years of struggle, this is not our reality. Therefore, to dig in more where it hurts, we have come up with the broadband speed tests. This will help you find the underlying cause of where the problem is with your laggy internet connection.

Working from home has become a new normal right? But we are not going to talk about it. What we want to talk about is how the internet has become essential. From working remotely (mostly from home) to studying and even living from home, it is only the internet connection that we depend on. But with the having such a crucial influence a lot of us are suffering from a slow internet connection at home. People who need to hop in the Microsoft team or zoom calls are running with laptops in their hands to find the right signal. And the kids with their virtual school are lacking behind. Not to forget the not-so-happy people struggling to have an online game of Fortnite, an interpreted movie night on Netflix, and a lot more.

The survival around the broadband internet connection after the initial Covid-19 phase of pandemic, lockdowns, and all the related occurrences spiked up.

While we have been preaching this for a long time that if you are sticking with a slow internet connection you should not waste your time trying small tips and tricks for a temporary fix. Instead, you should simply switch to a better internet connection. Cox internet Provides high-speed internet connection at an affordable rate through its Cox deals. A stable internet network will help you and people in your house to do everything and anything they want via the internet without worrying about the dying internet speed.

However, some of you might still not b ready to face a change after all that happened during the pandemic. So you want to test the loyalty of your old internet connection then here is some of the broadband speed tests to help you rethink your choice of internet connection.

Ookla’s Speed test

One of the first broadband sped tests, the speed test from Ookla is also known as the down detector. The speed tester offers a snapshot of the download sped of your internet connection and also offers a snapshot of the upload speed of an ISP through its website. It also offers a lightweight app for MacOs and Windo 10 users. The application is available in 17 different languages. If you manage to set up your account on the website or application you will be able to test your internet speed over time.

The service also displays the current download and upload speed, jitter, packet loss, and ping measurements.

This website is helpful for those who are curious enough to learn and test the speed of their current internet service provider.

While the website is helpful in a lot of ways as it is general-purpose broadband sped test and does not belong to any internet service provider. It also uses tech lingo that might not be easy to understand for some people. Not to forget that the application is full of ads and ad trackers which is just awful 

The Google Speed Test

The Google Stadia online gaming speed test is great for curious gamers.

Google recommends a download speed of at least 10Mbps to stream games in Stadia but it also recommends a much faster speed for the game with a resolution higher than 720 HD.

The interface of Goggle stadia is so simple. Literally, it just requires one click task at the Google task stream that takes you to the Check Now button.

The service recommends download speed and a strong internet network or Ethernet connection. The service also recommends if the current download is halting and file sharing. It also recommends closing tabs where the video is streaming for better internet quality.

The website has similar pros and cons a mentioned in Ookla’s speed test. It does not belong to a specific internet service provider, but it is struggling to let go of the tech lingo and ads.

Comcast’s Xfinity Xfi Speed test

The speed test operates similarly to the Google speed test but it has some benefits for the customers who want to know why the speed result is not matching the internet plan they have bought.

This service is amazing but also defensive. This service helped in reducing the customer support call to know why the broadband is not as fast as advertised.

The good part is that they are no ads. The website is dead simple to operate and the test servers are located in the United States. ‘

However, this service belongs to an internet service provider.

Wrap Up

Speed tests are useful for people working from home, playing games online, and simply for the customer who pays for the internet plan but does receive the internet speed advertised.

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