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Whenever you are about to get a new smartphone, choosing the operating system is first. Depending on the system, you can finally choose from different cell phone models. Concerning the software, especially with apps, the differences are much more minor. Many apps are available for both major operating systems – but not all.

Some applications according to movical that are offered for iPhones are available for Android devices. Other applications, however, are designed exclusively for Android smartphones. Apps that were developed for one system, for example, often work even better with them. So many facets can be overwhelming at first glance. So which applications should you use for your Android phone and which should you not? We present you with the best Android app for every purpose.

The Best Android Password App Is Lastpass Password Manager.

There are now numerous applications that you can use to store and securely manage sensitive information such as passwords. But which one is right for you? The best Android app for saving passwords right now is the LastPass Password Manager.

The app can be downloaded free of charge (version from the Google Play Store. To ensure your data security in the network, it is advisable to use as many different login data as possible and ideally not to log in twice anywhere with the same login data.

If you take this to heart, you naturally quickly lose track of where you have entered which information. So that you don’t just write your data somewhere on a piece of paper or even on your mobile phone, the LastPass Password Manager manages your information securely.

A master password secures all your data. That means: You have to remember a password after all. By the way: you can even generate different secure passwords with the app.

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