A Quick Guide on The Cost of Auto Shipping Services

Shipping a car from one location to another is no child’s play. A herculean task combines multiple factors and services. Expecting a cheap car shipping service is an unusual expectation that might lead you to trouble. A cheap car shipping service should be a red flag that you can, under no circumstance, ignore.

Ship a Car, Inc. is one of the best car shipping services in the United States of America. They have the best team of experts who are dedicated to your service. You can read their reviews from the customer which serve as a testimony to their service. Before you jump on availing the services of any shipping service provider, you should be understanding to cost of shipping a car

Why should you not go for cheap car shipping services?

As it has been mentioned earlier, car shipping is a difficult task. If you hire someone who is offering cheap services, then you are likely to face any or all of these issues.

1- Poor or no customer service

2- Damaged car

3- Lost car or no delivery/pickup of the car

4- Unnecessary delays

5- Shipping to the wrong port/address. 

It is already very stressful to ship a car, and choosing a cheap shipping service will only make it more stressful. 

Factors that affect the cost of shipping a car

  1. Distance between the pickup and the destination – this is the primary factor that affects the cost of shipping your vehicle. If the distance is far away, then it will take more fuel for the truck, or any other transport method that you choose, to reach that location and that will naturally increase the shipping cost. 

The time taken by the driver also adds to the cost of shipping. Besides that, the per-mile charge of the delivery gets cheaper in long journeys of shipment. 

  1. Method of shipment – the method of shipment and delivery too has an active role in determining the cost of shipment. You can choose between door-to-door shipment or port-to-port shipment depending on your budget and convenience. Your choice will govern the cost, door to door being the costliest. 
  2. Size of the car – just like the size of the package while parcelling has a definitive role in the cost of parcelling, the size of the car plays an important role in the shipment of the car. Some cars are too big to fit into a shipping container while others might be compact and it may be easy to fit two of the same and deliver them. This cuts the cost. 
  3. Location of the shipping place – this factor comes primarily into play when the shipment is international. The reason is the taxes and duty cost, which are levied by different countries are different. This is why it is very crucial that you first check the taxes levied by one country before shipping the car. 


Choosing the right shipping agency is very important because it takes off a lot of burden from your shoulders. 

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