Foot Pain Can Indicate A Serious Health Problem; Know How To Avoid

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Feeling pain in the feet or any other type of discomfort may seem commonplace and, to a certain extent, normal. After all, the overload in this body region is usually intense, especially for people who practice some physical activity. But, ignoring some symptoms can be dangerous for your health. In this way, it is essential to pay attention to foot pain and blisters, bumps, cracks, calluses, stains, and friction.

Look at the color and texture of the nails to check that there is no infection. Likewise, check the color of the feet: if they are bluish, it can indicate a lack of circulation, and if they are red, they can indicate infection or inflammation. Feel if there is any constant discomfort that should always be investigated.

Therefore, when you feel constant pain in your feet, the indication is to seek a more careful medical evaluation quickly. According to the doctor. Lee, three common conditions deserve a lot of care, as they can even indicate the presence of some disease. Check out:

Cramps: transient discomfort, usually linked to excess muscle effort;

Swelling: accumulation of fluid signals from local trauma to problems in the circulatory system, such as hypertension and heart failure;

Overlapping fingers: are related to chronic overload degeneration and may also be a result of the progression of rheumatoid arthritis;

“It is important that the feet receive attention frequently. Thus, it is possible to avoid common ailments, such as bunions, spurs, plantar fasciitis, cracks, chilblains, among others”, says the doctor.

How To Avoid Foot Pain

In addition to medical follow-up, some other simple attitudes can be applied in everyday life and manage to avoid the appearance of foot pain. One of them, and perhaps the main one, is knowing how to choose the right shoes.

Proper footwear can avoid several foot problems, such as spurs, and reduce bunion symptoms. Choose models that fit your foot type, with less flexible soles, to reduce overload. Excessive high heels and choose the appropriate material and size. Also, note the shoe’s impact-absorbing capacity and avoid slippery soles. Visit to learn more on foot pain.

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