Doors and Windows for a Beautiful Home

There are so much thought and planning that goes into laying down the plans and blueprints for building a new house. No matter how big or small, every feature is vital and adds to the entire house’s beauty and aesthetic. If you plan to renovate your home or make some repairs, ensure that they fit well and enhance your home’s look. Often people feel that details such as Palladio Doors aren’t all that important and have no effect on the look of the entire house, but they are as important as the décor of the walls, the floor tiles, the kitchen platform, and more.

Types of door and windows

When it comes to Doors and Windows, there are various types to choose from depending upon the style of home ambiance you’re aiming for. You must keep in mind some key factors when selecting the type of doors and windows you want in your house.

  • If you want a rustic home, there’s no better option than to go with wooden doors and windows, and since there are numerous types of woods, it all boils down to what’s available, how much money you can put in, how to clean and care for that particular type of wood, pest control, the color and of course the texture.
  • If you want to make space look bigger than it is, there’s no better option than glass doors and windows with different shapes and sizes of mirrors all around. They ensure a lot of natural light, make space look bigger, and provides a solid large, and clear cut place.
  • Some common types of woods used to build doors and windows for homes are Teak, Sal, Deodar, Shisham, Pine, Oak, Ash, and Cypress. These wood varieties can be classified into either hardwood or softwood and have different colors, texture, and smell. In case you are unable to afford a particular wood, you can get it polished.
  • Metal or Rock Doors are also a thing but usually not seen in homes, and hey, it’s your home, you can do whatever you want, that makes you happy. Many people also opt for Iron or Steel doors that give a whole different look to the house.
  • You also have to consider your house’s geographical location, the topography, and the weather conditions. If you live in an area that is frequently affected by forest fires, floods, or earthquakes, you have to opt for something that will not get destroyed so easily and withstand whatever comes in its way.

Choose ideal one

You can also get the wooden doors colored and painted in a different color if that’s the aesthetic you want to go for. The options are endless, and picking one may feel like the toughest decision in the world.  You can always ask for architects’ expert advice, interior decorators, go through magazines and catalogs.

Make a thorough decision and enjoy a beautiful home with your chosen type of doors and Windows.

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