Gold items you can sell for cash

Want to sell your gold? You don’t need solid gold bullion bars to make a money, just gold any gold items you no longer use like old and broken jewellery.  There are companies out there who are more than happy to pay cash for your unused gold jewellery. They will even pay you for your silver and platinum if you have any.

There are various places where you can sell your gold but some sites prefer certain items more than others. Besides the usual gold bullion buyers there are online and postal gold sites that buy gold items like jewellery, broken jewellery, gold wiring, gold buttons, and even gold teeth. Delicate jewellery set with precious gems will be of greater value to a jeweller than a scrap gold buyer. Sometimes these stones might be more valuable than the gold they are set in which is why it is always a good idea to get a jeweller’s opinion. 

Who will buy your gold?

There are a lot of gold buyers Australia wide.  There are gold dealers, cash- for- scrap gold buyers located in various cities and towns there are even pawn shops that will buy scrap gold. 

Cash-for-gold companies are more interested in the gold content than in the condition of the item. You can pretty much sell all kinds of gold items to such buyers. They will offer you slightly less than gold dealers and cash-for-gold buyers will offer you.  The advantage with cash-for-gold is that they will buy your gold right there and then. You walk into a shop and walk out with cash in hand. 

Jewellers might buy your gold jewellery if it is in good condition, is trendy, or is designed by a high-end brand like Cartier / Tiffany. Unlike other gold buyers, jewelers might pay for your precious gems. So, if you have a significantly valuable diamond, you should have an experienced jeweller look at it. 

A Cartier necklace will be worth more to a jeweller than to a postal site or a pawnshop. The jeweller will likely re-sell it instead of melting it down and refining it. 

Postal sites make it possible for you to sell gold buyers Australia wide. If you chose to sell your gold, and have gone through researched the process and the various options that are available to you and you decide on a postal buyer the buyer will send you a free pre-paid and insured envelope to put your gold in and you can mail your gold to the buyer.

It is always a good idea to take a photograph of the items you are sending. This way you’ll have proof of the condition were sent in just in case something goes wrong. Most companies will return your gold if you decide not to accept their final offer. Just check what the gold buyer’s return policy is. Obviously because the gold still has to be transported and the back and forth process means that it will take a couple of days for a transaction to be completed. Choose a gold selling method that best meet your needs.