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Legal Marijuana, weed, grass or ganja. How we call it makes little difference: in fact, these are synonyms that we can use to refer to the same object, the protagonist of the many in-depth articles that we love to devote for the benefit of all our readers who wish to learn more about a product that a large number of Italians have chosen to try, and towards which they have renewed their trust, day after day.

Meaning of Weed: what does it mean?

When reading this term on industry articles or blogs dedicated to cannabis, many people end up coming across the term weed. And, not knowing what it might be, they go to the ensuing Google search for “weed meaning” or “weed translation.”

Mind you, this is a well-justified curiosity!

However, in the face of such curiosity, the answer is far simpler and less creative than one might expect: the translation of weed is in fact, trivially, that of grass.

Therefore, when we refer to weed we are simply talking about that substance that is obtained from the dried inflorescences from the female hemp plant, inside of which-as you should well know if you have read our focuses on weed-are several substances, psychoactive and non-psychoactive, with different concentrations.

Marijuana Light : Legal weed in Italy

But can Marijuana Light be purchased regularly in your country? Or is it subject to special requirements?

Actually, as you should already know if you have been following our articles for quite some time, even in Europe it is possible to resort to the many Cannabis shops like ours in order to be able to buy Marijuana Light, that is, weed that has characteristics such that it does not determine any narcotic effect in the subject who chooses to take it.

Exemplifying a topic that you can explore in more detail in other articles we have chosen to prepare for you, let us recall in fact how the two main active ingredients in marijuana are THC and CBD.

The former, THC, is a psychoactive substance that is contained in abundance in marijuana that is not permitted by law. For this very reason, light marijuana can have a concentration of no more than 0.2 percent of it: if the weed meets this concentration, it can be serenely marketed and purchased, even online!

In contrast, the second, CBD, cannabidiol, is a non psychoactive compound that has beneficial effects on the body and, for this very reason, is also used in medical marijuana. Given that it is not a narcotic substance capable of altering the perceptions of those who take it, the law sets no express limit for CBD.

Marijuana Light

From the above you should have understood that legal, or mild, weed is marijuana potentiated by THC, the concentrations of which in products legally on sale are so low that it cannot result in any kind of alteration in the individual who uses it.

In contrast, since it is rich in CBD, the effect that the person who will take the mild weed will generally be able to have is a relaxing one. For this very reason, there is no risk in driving, or operating machinery, after using Marijuana Light.

That said, our suggestion is still to “test” one’s body’s reactions to the first consumption of Marijuana light, considering that each of us may experience more or less significant changes, depending on our own characteristics.

Where to purchase Marijuana Light ?

Marijuana Light can be purchased legitimately in Europe in all authorized retailers and, in them, even in the best online sites like ours!

In this sense, we like to mention how-although Marijuana light is a completely legal product-thanks to our customer service you will certainly not have to worry about privacy.

 In fact, our procedures are able to guarantee you full anonymity even during the delivery of the package, which will take place in a discreet package, without the contents being recognizable.

Are there any contraindications for Marijuana light?

Since it is a totally natural and legal product with low amounts of THC, there are no particular contraindications on the enjoyment of Marijuana light. You can therefore make use of it in the ways and at the times you prefer, without any kind of harm to your health.

Of course, if you would like to know even more about Marijuana light and its fruition characteristics, we would like to remind you that our experts are at your disposal: contact customer support to learn more!

How to consume Marijuana Light

There are several ways to be able to consume the Marijuana light, although the best known method is certainly to smoke the inflorescences. A mode of intake that allows you to enjoy the relaxing and calming effect of CBD in a very pleasant way, with the security that only a product without significant percentages of THC can really guarantee you.

With the burning of the Flowers, in fact, the beneficial substances of marijuana light can enter the lungs with oxygen and, through it, reach the circulatory system. The beneficial effect will come within two hours, allowing you to consume it at a time when you need more relaxation.

If you want an alternative way to enjoy the weed, you can still turn to edibles. Marijuana Light inflorescences can in fact be used to make beneficial drinks.

 Simply add the inflorescences to boiling water via an infuser and you can enjoy a moment of refreshment and relaxation.

Still, many people prefer to take the weed light by vaporization or-why not! – in cooking, consuming the edible parts (hemp seed flours are on the market, for example).


We hope that these brief indications may be useful to you in order to improve your knowledge about Marijuana Light and, perhaps, clarify some small doubts that may arise in the conscious and correct fruition of this product.

We would like to take this opportunity again to remind you that for any clarification on this matter, and for any request for specific information on the products we have in our catalog, you can contact us at any time at the contact details you will find on each page of our website.

It will be our pleasure to be able to share with you how we can improve your experience of buying and using our products!

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