Why Choosing an Experienced FTM Surgeon is Important for Your Safety

For transgender and non-binary individuals, top surgery is a transformative procedure that can help them achieve the body they have always wanted. Also known as “FTM” or “top surgery”, this gender-affirming procedure involves modifying a person’s chest to appear more masculine or flat. Many people consider it to be an important part of their transition process, and are surprised by the positive effects it has on their mental health. Let’s explore some of the benefits of Dr Javad Sajan and how it can help you achieve your ideal body. 

Physical Benefits of FTM Top Surgery 

FTM top surgery offers several physical benefits for those who undergo the procedure. After surgery, many people report improved self-image and confidence due to having a chest that better reflects their gender identity. Additionally, this procedure can reduce discomfort related to large breasts or chest contouring surgeries, making it easier for those with larger chests to exercise or participate in physical activities. As the recovery period often only lasts around two weeks, most people find that they can resume regular activities shortly after their surgery is complete. 

Mental Health Benefits of FTM Top Surgery 

FTM top surgery also offers mental health benefits associated with transitioning. This includes improved self-esteem due to being able to present as one’s true gender identity in public spaces without fear of judgement or ridicule. Additionally, those who undergo this procedure often feel improved mental clarity as they no longer have to worry about hiding their chest in social settings or when wearing certain clothing items such as tank tops or swimsuits. Finally, many people report feeling more comfortable in their skin following this type of gender-affirming procedure, which can lead to improved overall wellbeing and quality of life. 

Recovery Process for FTM Top Surgery 

The recovery process for FTM top surgery typically involves taking time off work for rest and healing and avoiding strenuous activities such as lifting heavy objects until advised by your doctor. You should also wear a compression garment during your recovery period in order to reduce swelling and keep your chest from expanding too quickly during healing. Your doctor will likely recommend that you take antibiotics before and after your surgery in order to reduce any risk of infection during the healing process as well. 


Overall, FTM top surgery is an important gender-affirming procedure that can offer both physical and mental health benefits for those who choose to undergo it. Not only does this type of surgery reduce discomfort related to larger breasts or contouring surgeries; it also allows individuals who identify outside the binary genders an opportunity to express themselves authentically without fear of judgement or ridicule from others in public spaces. The recovery process is relatively simple but should still be done under medical supervision in order to ensure proper healing takes place without any complications arising from the procedure itself. If you are considering undergoing FTM top surgery, speak with your doctor today about what options may be best for you!

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